About Fresh CEO

Why we started Fresh CEO

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We were tired...

Working at a company has its perks, but when the company doesn't want to grow, it is not fun anymore. We hated being the only one's who wanted to keep up with the changes. The only one's who wanted to brainstorm. We hated being alone. 

People are not lazy, they lack clarity

While talking with an engineer from a customer, we realized, we are not alone. We have people just like us at different companies. The engineer was lost. They had so many employees, but no way to track them all. Our service was not employee tracking, but we had a 30 min brainstorming session and fixed the problem. Without us doing anything, the problem was solved and the engineer was able to communicate less and work on the important things.

You are the Pro, we are the organizers

We are not the pro at your profession. In fact, we take pride in not knowing. We are not in a box or taught a certain way. We identify problems so solutions can form. Don't be alone. There are people every where who would like to just talk to someone. We can help you.

Request to have a workshop setup for your team.

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Are you employed but want to work more efficiently? 

If your workplace allows it, you can be more efficient. Also, you have us to lean on. You will also have access to our knowledge base.